Total level 2697
Combat level 138
Other names Number1 Boss
Nationality Canadian
Known for YouTube, 5.2 billion total exp
Clan True Maxed

Alkan (previously known as Number1 Boss) is a high ranked RuneScape player from Ontario, Canada. He is currently rank 172 in HiScores overall and rank 31 overall on OldSchool Runescape.

He was the 4th person to achieve 5.2b xp on November 2nd, 2014. He also owns an alternate account currently named "Gainz", on which he was trying to accomplish a Max Cape within 100 days playtime. He completed this goal on 21 May 2013 with 71 days and 1 hour playtime, and mainly uses that account for OldSchool Runescape. His alternate account is rank 294 in RS3, although he is now trying to get a Completionist Cape on it.

Alkan made an ironman account, which he eventually named "Number1 Boss." Although he created an ironman on release, Alkan was not very active on this account a few months after release of the ironman mode, besides obtaining a large amount of fishing experience past level 99. However, now Alkan has become much more active on his ironman, amassing over 200m experience in a very short time. He owns an ironman clan named "Men in Iron."

He is in a clan called True Maxed. He has a YouTube channelwith daily videos.

Accounts and XP


Account Name Game Mode Total XP Total Level Rank
Gainz Normal 5,399,912,437 2736 207
Alkan Normal 5,399,667,001 2736 208
Number1 Boss Ironman 3,225,227,793 2730 137


Account Name Game Mode Total XP Total Level Rank
Alkan Normal 1,836,640,604 2277 34
Gainz Normal 450,228,889 2277 6408
Number1 Bass HC Ironman 130,879,273 1973 55

Total RS3 XP -- 14,024,807,231

Total OSRS XP -- 2,417,748,766

Total Runescape XP -- 16,442,555,997

(as of 3 September 2017)

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