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Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Other names Number1 Boss
Nationality Canadian
Known for YouTube, Overall

Alkan (previously known as Number1 Boss) is a high ranked RuneScape player from Ontario, Canada near Waterloo Region. He is currently rank 5 (passing S U O M I in October 2014) overall and rank 389 overall on OldSchool Runescape. He also owns an alternate account named "Number1 Boss", on which he is trying to accomplish a Max Cape within 100 days playtime. He completed this goal on 21 may 2013 with 71 days and 1 hour playtime, and mainly uses that account for OldSchool Runescape. On his alternate account he is rank 12880, although he is now trying to get a Completionist Cape on it. He is in a clan called True Maxed. He has a YouTube channel with daily videos.

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