Caperucita, also known as 'Omar' is a Runescape player, and is a member of the Runescape clan 'The Soul Reapers'. In the clan, he holds one of the Sergeant ranks. Inside the CC, it is common to find Caperucita commentating over the most irrelevant bullcrap.

The Quest for the Name

Caperucita joined 'The Soul Reapers' a few years ago, under the name 'St Flabs'. After taking a lot of offensive from friendly 'fat' jokes, he began the quest to finding a new name. Suggestions filled the clan, as every member tried to find the gold Username. As the suggestion filled hours passed, Omar suddenly logged out. A deathly silence surged through the clan, as every member held their breath in anticipation. Moments later, the now 'Caperucita' logged back into the world of Runescape.

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