Combat level 129
Started playing December 5th, 2006
Known for Making RuneScape videos.

Carich99 is a Norwegian player who started playing December 5, 2006. He is mostly a combat based player with high combat levels and decent skills. When he was around 8 years old, his teacher showed him and his other friends the game RuneScape.

He struggled to complete the Tutorial Island but after some failures, his teacher helped him trough. Carich99 and his friend best friend with the character name Sinny888, started the adventure in Lumbrige killing goblins, chopping trees and fishing shrimps. The sight of an level 50+ with Rune armour was uncommon in Lumbrigde and he and his friends would always get exited upon seeing one.

Later, when he was around 50-60 combat, he got into pking. Somewhere in 2007 he pked his first valuable loot, but after that he lost it again. Later he managed to afford a Rune 2h and one day at Lumbrigde bank he saw a girl who was buying a Rune 2h sword. He checked what she was offering and it was a Zamorak full helm which was worth 5 times more than the sword. He accepted the deal and ran to varrock and sold the helm for around 300k. Then he bought his first complete rune set. This boosted his will to play more and train his stats.

After a couple of months of playing, he started to get good at it and started training his fishing and cooking level up at Karamja. He also trained combat there too at the lesser demons. He would just go back for fishing more food when he was empty and then go back for more training. There was not always a fire running, so everybody spammed "fire plz" untill someone came and lit a fire. This was also a good way of money making as the demons dropped big amount of coins and sometimes good armour.

In early 2008, his account got hacked and banned for website advertising. This and the graphical updates got him into private servers. In late 2008 he got it unbanned and started making videos on his YouTube channel called Raz0rcarich99. His first pking fan was "Raz0r Str" who made f2p pure pking videos. He and Purple 0wnz were his isol. Carich99 also started making pure-accounts. He made so many that he has forgot almost all of them, except for Raz0r Str365. He trained it to 40 attack and around 60 str, then he stopped playing on it for a while. Today Raz0r Str365 is a berserker pure with 95 strength and 70 attack.

Carich99 made more and more pures and one of them, the first ranger pure was called P V P K0ngen. It soon became a range/2h pure. In 2009 he got membership on this account. He just wanted to try out members on that account but later got membership on Carich99 too. Later he killed green dragons and made his bank to around 1 million and bought his first Abyssal Whip. Then he made his bank larger and larger.

In the spring 2011, Carich99 started training very hard on his main account. After summer holidays he achieved 99 strength which was his first 99.

One day he went to Forinthry dungeon for killing some revenants. After some hours in there, he got a normal Vesta Longsword, his first ancient warrior armour drop ever. Then he bought his first Armadyl Godsword. Some months later, he achieved 99 attack. He has not a too long way to go for 99 hp which will be his 3rd level 99.

Today he makes pking-related videos on his Youtube channel.

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