Chaosor first started Runescape, around 6 years ago, when he learned about it from his neighbor. His first year involved being a noob, and growing out of it, he learned the game, and started leveling up his skills. His first 2 years of Runescape, he was a f2p pure, but got tired of being f2p, became a member, and started getting membership more and more.

His first favorite hobby in the game was mining. He used mining to make a decent profit, for his money, until he found out that cutting yews made much more money per hour at the time. He then switched to cutting yews, and saved up for his dream armor; Full Guthix. When he became a member, he started raising every skill, even more, and got money for armor, and managed to get a granite maul for free from a player, and a Dragon Halberd for free from another player, after completing the required quests. He then began to learn all the popular, and not so popular methods, of making 500k-1 mill per hour, which gave his bank a boost. Eventually, he gained enough money, to buy a Green H'ween Mask, his favorite rare. He bought it for 7 mill at the time, at its lowest, and now, it is in the 100 mill range in the Market.

Predictably, his first 99 was woodcutting, which he got by chopping a combination of willows, and yews. His second 99 came half a year later, when he became interested in the skill known as Hunter. Using Hunter, he made around 600k per hour, and after Kingly Implings came out, he made around 2 mill per hour All together, from Hunter, he made around 70 Mill. Using this money, he got 99 construction, and improved his house a bit, and later, after earning more money, got his Bandos Godsword. Chaosor began questing, and skilling, and eventually, came close to the quest cape, but due to his own reasons, did not try to get it. Instead, he worked on raising his skill, and eventually completed A Void Stares Back, to get the Korasi's Sword. After achieving this, he decided it was time, yet again, for another 99, this time, choosing yet another impressive skill; Agility. After achieving agility, he thought about getting 2 more 99's...mining, and Magic. However, these goals were short lived; he started playing less and less, and eventually, due to an irl situation, quit RuneScape, and hasn't been on since.

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