ChubbyGuy 33 often known just as Chubby Guy, has been playing RuneScape since 2003. He is often seen wearing green torn pants and a black sweater. His password has been lost as a result of forgetfulness and the account has not been seen around RuneScape in quite some time. He has since created an account with a similar name, 'Chubyguy33v2', which is often found Mining or in Lumbridge. He has been warmly welcomed as an off-spring of the original.


ChubbyGuy 33 is known for his lack of armour as well as his skills in Mining and Smithing. He was well known in many Canadian worlds such as World 4 and 37. People go to him for advice, jokes and an overall fun time.


Ever since losing the original account, the user has created a second version of the character. He uses the same name with the addition of a v2 at the end of the name and follows the original very well with the exception of new clothes and new skills. Player with a love for ChubbyGuy 33 have opened their hearts to the descendant.