Cpt Revan I was Lord Drascul's first and most trusted companion. He served with him during Lord Drascul's first attempt at seizing power, and was one of the few who remained loyal to him even after his masters exile.

Rumour has it, Lord Drascul found Cpt Revan I in lumbridge cow field, and sensin his potential, took him under his wing. Under Lord Drascul's teaching, Cpt Revan I soon became a lot stronger, and also begun to share his masters views on Runescape.

During Lord Drascul's exile, Cpt Revan I was amongst one of the few who looked for his fallen master, and rallied to him upon His return.

As Cpt Revan I was raised from a very low level by Lord Drascul, he also shares his masters obsession with Zamorak, as it's believed Lord Drascul converted him almost straight away, making sure another of his companions was as devout a Zamorakian as He was.

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