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Cursed You
Combat level 91
Other names Cursed You2
Started playing 2002
Known for First to achieve level 99 Construction

Cursed You was arguably the most prestigious staker in the history of Runescape. He was well known for his infamous stack of rare's and the Falador Massacre. His name, along with others (H A 12 D, Uncut Angel "Luke" i.e..) remains indented in the history of the Duel Arena. The exact number of rares stored on his account after his ban is still unknown.

With the money from staking he became the first player to achieve level 99 in construction. He held a house party in celebration, and decided to expel the players in his house while PvP was still on. This resulted in the world 111 glitch which caused the infamous Falador Massacre. Cursed You was manually disconnected by a Jmod during the massacre and was banned for four hours. On August 25, 2006, Cursed You's account was permanently banned for Real World Trading


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