Dark Corvet
Dark Corvet
Other names Umbra Eques
Nationality American
Started playing February 2010

Dark Corvet is a RuneScape player with level 99 in numerous Skills, aswell as owning the Quest Cape. He is the owner of the Lone Wolves clan which consistently has over 150 members. Dark Corvet constantly levels up, all of his skills are 70 or higher. His Construction level is 80 and he commonly hosts parties at his house which is in Yannile. Friends of Dark Corvet simply call him Dark but old friends tend to call him fish as many of his former names included fish such as thefishlordd, Vampire Fish, and Spartan Fish. Other names that he his account has been called are A rrav and Umbra Eques. Dark Corvet also became known for saying "Huzzah!" which became the battle cry of the Lone Wolves. He has interviewed players such as Zezima, Telmomarques and Jake. He starred in the Youtube series "The Adventures of Dark Corvet" aswell. He changed his name to Dark Corvet in early 2011 when he purchased his first car which happened to be a Dark Corvette.


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