Dizzi2004s current skills.

Dizzis pk vid09:57

Dizzis pk vid

A fans favourite


Dizzi2004 is a famous pker with over 2500 subscribers or followers on YouTube. He has famous friends along the names of: Gross Gore, Mog time, Kenste, The Owner, and pure7mood. He has lost 100s of millions of countless occasions and his cool non-tempered reactions earned many subscribers. He made some guides too. Right now hes just got back from a long break at college and is working on new guides and pking videos whereas he has just achieved 99 dungeoneering on his account which is an extremely high rank of just over 7000! His latest pk/bh video number 9 was his best according to subscribers. He used vegas to make most of his videos but started out with hypercam. He Has a ps3 and plays other games such as COD with his brothers. He has around 55,000 channel views and around 500,000 video views.

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