Dragoon 787 was the first player to level 99 Firemaking.[citation needed] This feat was accomplished in Draynor forest following his companion; Scarletstar, a Player Moderator, as she cut the trees for him to burn maximizing experience per hour.

Over the years long since 2002 Cowchicken has claimed that he was the first to 99 Firemaking; however, this is proved to be false in the official Runescape High Score logs from the classic era.Cowchicken also accused Dragoon 787 of cheating along the way due to a massive experience gain within 24 hours. It was addressed by Paul Gower (one of the Runescape creators) that Dragoon 787 wasn't using exploits of any kind. Cowchicken's math used that lead him to make such accusations included the time it took to cut a tree and then lite it with a tinderbox. Little did he know Dragoon 787 and Scarletstar went at it for 27 hours straight in order to pass Cowchicken on the leaderboards. Dragoon would burn after she cut down the Draynor forest.

A year later in 2003 Dragoon 787's account was permanently banned for character sharing. During Christmas break he had lended the account to an online friend named "Some Of Us" to play around with since it had relatively high combat stats and a rare Rune Kite Shield, Rune Battle Axe, and Rune two-handed sword crafted by Bluerose13x herself. After Christmas break when Dragoon had returned and tried to login; the password had changed and from that point was never able to log into his account again. A massive forum post had been created to argue the case of who was actually the true owner of the account. Paul Gower decided that besides of the confusion on who was actually the true owner, character sharing is against terms of service even if it is only for several days. The account was permanently closed.

Currently, Dragoon 787 still plays Runescape on the Old School client as a Hardcore Ironman. Over the years he changed his alias to Koopatroopa787 or simply Koopa.

Current OSRS Hardcore Ironman character player name: HCIM Koopa

You can find Dragoon 787 on his page at

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