Drw Brothers, or more commonly known as simply Drw, is a current RuneScape player. He has earned six mastery-level skills (Agility, Cooking, Runecrafting, Divination, Woodcutting, Hunter), inclusive of two skills with 200m experience. His most famous achievement is claiming the number two position in the skill of Runecrafting on the RuneScape hiscores. On occasion, he can be found focusing his time and efforts on the Oldschool Runescape (2007) variant; primarily, in the Runecrafting skill on an account of the same name.


Drw Brothers attained 200,000,000 Runecrafting experience on January 19, 2011. He was the successor to Phoenix Odin, the current number one ranked player in the Runecrafting Skill on the RuneScape hiscores. Drw Brothers differentiates himself from other recipients of the 200,000,000 experience distinction in Runecrafting by continuing to excel in the skill via various other outlet accounts.

The creation of Drw II was a considerable breakthrough for Drw Brothers, as he expanded his dedicated time to the skill of Runecrafting to attain 21,000,000 extra Runecrafting experience at the Ourania Runecrafting Altar (also known as the Zamorak Magical Institute, ZMI). This experience achievement on Drw II was attained before the creation of Runespan. After the creation of Runespan, Drw II became a monument to olden days of experience gain that no longer existed with honor. Due to disdain held for Runespan, the account found its place as a virtual memorial. Drw II sits at 30,000,000 Runecrafting experience in the present day.

In addition to Runecrafting, Drw Brothers holds the mastery-level capes in Agility, Woodcutting, Hunter, Cooking, and Divination. His experience tops at 200,000,000 in Cooking in addition to the previously mentioned Runecrafting skill. It is noted that those skills that typically require a lengthy grind and are uncommon are the sources for achievement for Drw Brothers.

Drw Brothers possesses a Max Cape. Quests, achievement diaries, and various other sub-plot in-game elements are not a component of his play, and thus are not worthy of notation. He notes that perhaps in the future, these things will be obtained. However, it is as of today that he continues to skill in an atypical, unique fashion to be a player under the same guise of notability and respect.

On December 13, 2008, Drw Brothers achieved 2376 total levels (the highest available at the time; before the existence of the Dungeoneering skill). He now possesses a total level of 2588 with the only non-maxed skill being Dungeoneering.

Organizational Membership

Drw Brothers is an under-the-radar member of the oldest existing RuneScape clan, The Gladiatorz. Although loosely attached through inter-clan friendships, Drw Brothers is still a valued member of the community and participates on occasion in the clan’s many events. He sits currently at the rank of Recruit by choice.

It is rumored within the archives and through friendship testimony that Drw Brothers belongs to an elder group of RuneScape players known simply as The Passion (uncommon denominations include The Council of Passion, The Passioneers, and The Passion Legion). This underground elder player group membership has never been confirmed. It is uncertain if this organization is even existent, or simply game lore.

The Character Behind the Character


Recorded rates of well over 60,000 Runecrafting experience per hour (RC xp/hour) have been noted in observations of Drw Brothers and his subsidiary accounts. Runecrafting rates specifically at the ZMI altar consisted of sub-60 second average laps with four pouches and an abyssal lurker. The true RC xp/hour Drw Brothers is capable of attaining has been kept secret since his initial stardom. It is uncertain why he wishes to remain secretive in his methodology. Experts believe that it is perhaps to protect the olden ways of Runecrafting and preserve the knowledge rather than allow newcomers to join the 200,000,000 Runecrafting experience elite.


Drw Brothers holds considerable clout in the older community of RuneScape, with veteran players recognizing him by name. As a humble player, he does not exploit this for gain or extrapolate his fame for the sake of profit.

One of the most stern beliefs he holds lies within the existence of Runespan. He has made firm commentary in regards to the experience-rich instance realm, stating “It is one of the worst updates of all time. It has ruined Runecrafting and the honor associated with its practice.” Those who seek away-from-keyboard capabilities in the skill, he feels, are of a newer age style that lacks vivacity and ambition. He emphasizes that those people who could not stand the old style of Runecrafting (Graahk methodologies, ZMI altar use) because of “slow” experience rates and the lack of away-from-keyboard capabilities now enjoy a “nerfed” Runecrafting experience. 

Lastly, Drw Brothers does not believe in the utilization of VoIP (Voice Over IP) software beyond a narrow scope. He associates this stipulation within his use as "just the way I am."  

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