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Drw Brothers (also known as Drw) is a RuneScape player. He has been 200,000,000 Runecrafting experience since January 19th, 2011. He achieved it shortly after Phoenix Odin. He is currently ranked number 1 on the RuneScape Hiscores for Runecrafting (Phoenix Odin currently is off the Hiscores). He has also achieved 99 Runecrafting on Oldschool Runescape, with his current Runecrafting XP being at 14,477,950.

Unlike Phoenix Odin, Drw did not want to stop Runecrafting after he achieved 200M Runecrafting experience, so he created an account called Drw II in which he got over 21,000,000 extra Runecrafting xp at ZMI on that account before Runespan. As of now, Drw II has over 30,000,000 Runecrafting XP, but he has quit runecrafting on him since the release of Runespan. He considers Runespan one of the worst updates of all time because in his mind it has "ruined Runecrafting." Now those who couldn't stand the old style of RC (Graahk/ZMI) because of the slow xp and not being able to AFK it, now enjoy the nerfed xp rates of Runespan and being able to AFK it.

His Runecrafting rates at ZMI consisted of sub 60 second average laps with 4 pouches and an abyssal lurker. This was well over 60k Rc xp/hr, but he keeps his true Runecrafting xp/hr confidential.

He achieved 2376 total on December 13th, 2008, before the release of the Dungeoneering skill and he is now 2479 total. He does not plan on getting 120 in this skill because he does not consider Dungeoneering a skill, but rather a minigame. Drw has always been a fan of getting the fastest XP rates by solo-training, and not relying on others to be able to actually train the skill, (like DG.) He was quite happy with the release of Master Capes, since he is now able to wear a 120 Runecrafting cape.

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