Duj2 is a player that has a combat level of 138, who is best known for his Clan Chat (CC). His clan chat is a friendly place for people to go, and hang out and help each other. He is also known for not allowing cursing, being greedy, etc. in chat. He is known as the p0wnies. As of 29 May 2011, Duj2 is ranked 445 in Defence with 72 million experience in that skill. Duj is also ranked 1,049 in Summoning with 16.8 million experience.

He can sometimes be seen at the Grand Exchange wearing his yellow phat, along with his summoning cape.

EDIT: Duj2 has reportedly sold his Yellow Phat for a full Torva Set!

Duj2 is combat level 138 with a total level of 2521.

Last seen in January of 2015.

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