Combat level 3 (level 6 in eoc)

Dummy11111 is a level 3 (now level 6 after the eoc) He is the old default character. 

Back in 2010-2012 he was mainly at clan wars mostly annoying his team members. Occasionally, he would advertise for his clan and use clever sayings to get more people to join. For instance, "Wanna own noobs like me? Then join (enter name here)" or say something like "Join (enter clan here), we have Megan Fox"


Dummy11111 was created in late 2007 originally as another throw-away account. His original purpose was to be another account that would complete Stronghold of Security and drop trade the money to the main. 

In 2008 and later, he became one of the primary accounts that mostly was used for Clan Wars purposes. When Dummy11111 was at clan wars, he would often advertise for the clan he was in often saying clever things to get more people to join. For instance, "wanna own noobs like me? Then join (clan here). or "Join (clan here) we have Megan Fox." He would also advertise major Jagex updates like vote in 2007 polls, or vote for the wilderness to come back. He was never banned for auto typing. However, he didn't solely advertise. He often fought in battles (even though he died early) and would also be a clown in the clan he was in. When he wasn't used for clan wars, he would occasionally troll popular fc's such as Mod Mark, Zezima or Nightmarerh and get muted for a short while. 

Dummy11111 has never leveled up in combat; although he does have level 2 defense and range. He has no interest in levelling up and always wants to be a noob. 

As of mid 2013, he no longer plays. 

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