Elias Face
Total level 2497
Combat level 138
Known for Ex-rank 1 on the hiscores, first to 3 billion experience.
Clan E

Elias was once the highest ranked player on the RuneScape hiscores. Elias hit 3 billion experience points, the first to do so, on July 28 2011.[1] Since the release of Divination, Elias has fallen below rank 35,000. He remains the highest ranked level 2497 player, surpassing the next highest ranked level 2497 player, Telmomarques, by almost 1 billion experience. He currently has 14 skills with 200 million experience.


  1. Hobgoblinpie (16 October 2011). Interview With Elias. Tip.It Times. Retrieved 3 August 2014.

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