Nintendo Swe
Total level 2,595[1]
Combat level 138[1]
Started playing Unknown
Known for 9th in highscores(former Rank 1)
Elvis (also known as Nintendo Swe) is a RuneScape player from the city Helsingborg in Sweden who is ranked 24 in the overall hiscores as of September 9 2014. He was the fourth player to reach 200M XP in Prayer.

He has a YouTube channel "Calle Bäckis", where he uploads comedic videos.

His earlier RuneScape names are:

  • "Nintendo Swe"
  • "Nintendo S we"
  • "Tendo",
  • "Elvis Swe"
  • "Iam Elvis"
  • "CaIibanio"
  • "mmg"


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