Furytwins snapped Cooking

Furytwins was the 72nd person to sign up for RuneScape[dubious - discuss] and was well renowned for being the player with the highest Strength and Combat level for a time in 2002.

He was the first player to reach level 100 Combat[dubious - discuss] and the first to reach level 90 Strength, although Furytwins had quit before he got 99 strength and 126 combat. Some players were trying to convince Furytwins to come back as he was a massive inspiration to some players.[citation needed]

Some players still come in contact with Furytwins via email and in real life. Furytwins had started playing again in October 2010. Furytwins however has only leveled up his combat 3 levels but has dramatically improved his skills within the month he had returned. Many players had quit and/or not remembered him and Furytwins has turned into a normal player. Furytwins said "Yeah, it was great being famous, but I think I need some time to settle down as a normal player". He also said "Just because I am playing does not mean that I will continue to play".

Furytwins has recently posted on the forums displaying his disgust for the new Trade Limit and the new RuneScape in general. Furytwins can be found around RuneScape skilling and occasionally training his Combat.


Furytwins posing for RuneHQ

Total level 1950
Combat level 121
Member 1 March 2002 (as of 2011)
Famous for

Having been the highest level combat,

72nd player to join RuneScape.[dubious - discuss]

Status Active
Started playing in 2001