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GTFOmaLAWN and his Santa Hat

GTFOmaLAWN is currently level 138 Combat. He was introduced to Runescape in 2006 and played on his old account Runeking8002. He quit the game until mid 2009 when he decided to make a ranged pure, hence GTFOmaLAWN was created.

GTFOmaLAWN recently got hacked for 80M worth of his bank with only 100M left. On the verge of quitting, he decided to join Win All Day's dicing clan in an attempt to 'Double or Nothing' his bank, which he won, he decided to buy a Santa Hat and keep the remaining money around 70M gold in his bank as he had decided to work harder at school in his last year.

He bought his Santa Hat as an attempt of long-term investing which he hopes that will raise to unknown prices, hopefully the same price that a Party Hat costs today in a few more years time.

Stats (As of 24th August 2011)

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