Genuine Pain
Genuine Pain
Combat level 109
Started playing December 2005
Known for Not famous

Genuine Pain (previously named Moneymike401), is a RuneScape player that started in December 2005. Genuine Pain originally wanted his name to be True Pain but was unable to make it that. In the beginning, was a skiller but now has a Combat level of 109 as of 3 June 2011.


Genuine Pain used to believe membership was pointless but in December 2009, a friend offered to pay for his membership and he accepted. He then found it an enjoyable experience and proceed to purchase it himself in the Summer of 2010 where he made his greatest amount progress in his entire RuneScape career. Genuine Pain embarked on multiple quests as it was his favorite pastime. Nearing the end of that trial of membership, he decided to acquire 99 Woodcutting (taking 2 weeks from 74), his first and only 99 skill as of 3 June 2011.

RuneScape Social Life

Most of the people on Genuine Pain's friend's list are people he knows in real life, or rather the ones he actually talks to. Genuine Pain typically uses proper grammar in his text.

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