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HaxUnit is a YouTube group most known for abusing glitches in RuneScape. They have released several videos on several different occasions of glitches, some leading up to one hundred billion coins an hour glitches or teleports out of duel arena rusulting in massive profits. They are known for the infamous glitch of luring Mod Chrisso into Stealing Creation and taking a Jagex Mod-Only Item known as the "rotten potato." There is a friends chat named 'World 31', many fans and bug abusers join it to socialise and share information of what bug abuse has recently been used.

HaxUnit members:Edit

  • Roy
  • Fluid Karma
  • Iceforg
  • Hej
  • Quint
  • Aufzen/Sayank

Team Thebynq is another group of bug abusers, allong with a few other groups were reffered as team 404, most of them are abandoned, or are no longer reffered to their group names. BYNQ was an abbreviation for Bruno, YB, Nevs and Quint.

Most noticeable bug abusers:Edit

  • Bruno/ifh
  • Alta
  • YB
  • MattCoady
  • The Plague Doctor

Bug abuses (Patched) Edit

  • Gaining 200M experience points in Construction within 2 - 3 hours from the new update God Statues (depending on how fast you abuse it) - Used by Roy, Chest, Pork and many others.
  • Pafting - A glitch which allows you use an invalid teleport towards 1,000 or more coordinates around Runescape especially to Tutorial Island  (a possiblity of standing up to permenantly banned) - Used by Roy, C o l i n and many others. 
  • Dharok's constitution glitch, allowing you to hit over 1,000 (Pre-eoc) hitpoints - Used by Team Hax.
  • Smuggling Dungeoneering items out of Daemonheim.
  • The Dueling Arena stake glitch, allowing the bug abuser to prevent the victim from attacking him or her, thus giving the bug abuser the advantage to win the stake. 

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