Heart Kitten
Combat level 138[1]
Started playing Late June/early July 2006
Known for Not xp wasting

Heart Kitten (previously known as NICKRS and Red fred89) is a pro xp gainer. Studies indicate that Heart Kitten will reach top page Runescape Hiscores by early 2012. Heart Kitten is a certified Effigyscaper classified by the INESA. (INTERNATION EFFIGYSCAPING ASSOCIATION)


Heart Kitten began Runescape in early 2006, making him enter RS while the original Free Trade/ Wildy existed.

Starting off as a level 3, Red Fred89 climbed up the ranks, making him become one of Runescape's most efficient players. Red Fred89 found Woodcutting a favorable skill, ultimately becoming his first 99 on Runescape.

99 Woodcutting!04:30

99 Woodcutting!

Red Fred getting 99 WC

Acheving no more than 150k daily, Fred cut Willow logs on a day to day basis. This was achieved at level 78 combat, little did he know this would mark the beginning of a RS legend.




Nick's exp gain records are as showed:

Exp Gain Records (Overall):

Day: 6,585,738

Week: 27,414,378

Month: 100,518,762

Exp Gain Records (Dungeoneering):

Day: 4,201,147

Week: 18,979,386

Month: 50,803,165


Nick currently has 2 stats at 200m. They are in order of achievement:


Nick Achieving 200m DG.

: 5/28/11; Rank #143 Cooking

200m Cook

: 5/31/11; Rank #280


  1. Heart Kitten. RuneScape Hiscores. Retrieved 27 March 2011.

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