Hellboy76137 is a 16 year old runescape player that is signed up for quick-chat. The reason why, he claims is so no one can annoy him at all while doing things. His other accounts are Dgharokman19, Hellboy76131 (this was before he moved to a different zipcode,) Iamurruler4u, Iamurruler4u12,Iamurruler4u13 (as well as 14 AND 16,) 12355446 2, and lastly, rgeagainstsara (Rage against Saradomin)


Attack 39 Constitution 37 Mining 32
Strength 39 Agility 8 Smithing 31
Defence 40 Herblore 9 Fishing 30
Ranged 23 Thieving 23

Cooking 26

Prayer 26 Crafting 27 Firemaking 22
Magic 42 Fletching 21 Woodcutting 40
Runecrafting 9 Slayer 12 Farming 10
Construction Hunter 19 Summoning 6
Dungeoneering 11 blank no skill blank no skill
Preferred equipmant for combat(melee) :

Weapons:Adamant claws/Adamant 2h

Armour:Rune chainbody, Rune platelegs, rune full helm, Explorers Ring 3, Run worn-out gauntlets, and Rune Boots
Preferred equipment for combat(ranged):
Weapons: Oak longbow w/ steel arrows
Armour: Cowl, Spined Gloves, Spined Boots, Hardleather body, and chaps
Preferred equipment for combat(magic)
Weapon: varies on spell.  Will use staff to replace the amount of runes needed for spell(example, if i need 2 law runes, 3 fire runes, and 1 air rune, i would use fire battle staff)

Armour: Druidic mage top, Mage boots, Body shield, and Zamorak robe top.

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