Combat Level 126
99 Skills Fletching, Cooking, Strength,
Home World 31, Or if training possibly a PVP world.
Current YouTube account Herwah

Herwa is a Runescape player that joined during the summer of 2005. He was previously known as "Zepulin" or just "Zep" to his friends. Zepulin made a YouTube account which at its peak gained 400 subscribers and a total upload view of about 60,000 (In relation to RSMV's). Zepulin then however removed his YouTube account for personal reasons. In the summer of 2007 Zepulin reached his first level 99 which was fletching. In 2008 he reached level 99 cooking. During 2009 Zepulin quit runescape for a long time due to pursueing other games such as World of Warcraft. However in early 2010 he rejoined the game under the name "AcerVesica" (Latin for "sharp sword") then he got 99 Strength.

Currently he plays under the name "Herwah" which is Welsh (Herwah is a proud welshman).

The highest place in the Highscores Herwah (at the time known as Zepulin) has ever been is rank 10th in Hunter a few days after release. He challenged to be one of the first to get 99 Hunter but eventually gave up after achieving level 77.

Herwah is very famous at the World 31 party worlds, with almost all regulars for over a few months there having heard of him. His friends mainly consist of regulars to "Role Playing house parties" although he very rarely takes part in roleplaying.

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