Hippy936 (chonginsmoke)

history of hippy936 (chonginsmoke)

hippy936 started played runescape 6 years ago he was most infamous on being noobish

wile trying to learn what runescape was all about and how to really play the right way

he would go to falador and dance for money (as every noob does)

he got bored of dancing and the trees went bye bye so he could make money the runescape way

hippy936 was never a rich player but he got by very well with combat

up until he got to level 23 he became a member

as a member he was wanting to do quest and all that goodness to get popular (never happened)

at level 50 he received enough quest points to join the legendary guild (impossible well its not lol)

when he reached level 66 he left runescape with no warning at all

he left runescape when they brought in the limited trade system

hippy936 came back to runescape 3 years after the limited trade when he heard that it was gone

when he came back he knew he had to pick up the pase with all the update and stuff like that

or he would be once again noobish but like all mmos he picked it up in a day

he changed his name 4 days after coming back to chonginsmoke

now lvl 68 with lvl 60 mage and 106 quest points and also owner of the clan The Zamorak Nine

he wants to be the best he can be in runescape and does not know if he will leave or stay


hippy936 (as hippy936)

hobbies were



And woodcutting

hippy936 (as chonginsmoke)


and helping his clan as well as running it


hippys common friends who you can find him with most of the time is



romestarNBK (rarely on)

hippy936 (chonginsmoke)

can be found on world 56 and sometimes 165

he never player kills unless he is at the arena

Personality of Hippy936 (chonginsmoke)

hippy936 is a caring person in runescape and loves all players

and he hates the word noob

he trys to never use the word noob as it is insulting to other players and puts them down

his motto is always

"life is like chess you are the pawn you always move forward and never back in life"

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