Adib M, an Iranian-American, is currently a pure F2Per (nonmember) playing under the username I Am A Bahai. He began playing Runescape in October 2004 initially under Lord Adib. While he did attempt to play Runescape Classic around 2003 under a forgotten account, he never completed the tutorial and did not return to Runescape until a close friend informed him that the game had been revamped and had become (somewhat) three-dimensional.

Lord Adib

Lord Adib was created sometime in October 2004. Having an affinity for the state of pure non-memberhood even at that time, he was very ambivalent about becoming a member, but he finally made the decision to do so in May 2005. At the time of his subscription to membership, Lord Adib was around 76 combat with close to 800 total, his highest stat (and main source of income) being 80 woodcutting.

By the time he reached 100 combat in the spring of 2006, Adib had grown tired of playing on Lord Adib as a member and began regretting his decision to go P2P. Shortly after this milestone, the Pest Control minigame was released. Adib then decided that he would ultimately quit this account in the near future and start fresh as an eternal non-member, but he swore to do two things first: get one stat to 99, and then raise all the other ones to a minimum of 60. Later that year, he got 99 defence at 107 combat through Pest Control, and by the spring of 2007, all of his stats were at least 60, with the exception of farming and herblore. Deciding that he simply didn't have the patience or the resources to get either of those to 60, he compromised his second goal and officially retired from Lord Adib in March 2007.

Since then, Adib still logs onto Lord Adib occasionally primarily to watch friends pk.


In August 2006, after Adib had become uninterested in the life of a member on Lord Adib, he decided to create a new account that combined two elements he found intriguing: skillerhood and non-memberhood. The result was a level 3 non-member named Heterodoxius.

For his time, Heterodoxius was an accomplished non-member. At his peak, in terms of total level, he was the sixth best level 3 non-member on Runescape. At the time of his inception, the only other highly accomplished level 3 non-members were Yay Hooray (aka Koddo1) and Miner I, both of whom are very close friends of Adib.

Heterodoxius was a member of the Disruption skilling clan for a few weeks before eventually joining Clan Peaceful.

He also held considerable influence in the level 3 non-member community. For a short while, he had a log of his in-game accomplishments on Runescape Community (Zybez). Some future level 3 non-members, like Jin Miner and Skimped, later related to Adib that they decided to create their skillers after seeing this log.

On January 10, 2007, just four months after its creation, Heterodoxius was permanently banned after an unfortunate (but not serious) mishap. Adib submitted an appeal that same day, and it was rejected a month later. In June 2009, after two and a half years, the ban became appealable once again after Jagex revised their offence system. Adib submitted one more appeal, and by the end of the week the ban had been lifted. However, Adib never resumed playing on Heterodoxius.

During the short amount of time that Heterodoxius existed prior to his ban, Adib devoted the majority of his time on Runescape to that account rather than Lord Adib. After the ban, he immediately resumed playing on Lord Adib until he retired from it two months later.

I Am A Bahai

I Am A Bahai was created sometime in 2005 just as a placeholder (to reserve the username), but Adib didn't begin to seriously play on him until March 2007.

Adib's primary goals on I Am A Bahai are to reach the 1500 total level milestone while keeping his combat level below 100, and then to eventually max F2P (99 in all non-member stats as well as 120 dungeoneering). He has no intention of ever subscribing for membership on I Am A Bahai, since he is perfectly content with what the non-member environment has to offer. He feels that I Am A Bahai is what Lord Adib could have (and should have) been, had he never subscribed for membership, and says that he will never make the "mistake" of going P2P again.

Contributions to the Runescape community

In September 2006, Adib decided that he wanted to try and have some positive impact on the greater Runescape community in the form of record-keeping. During this time, he created two different lists and managed them under two different usernames.

Under Heterodoxius, Adib managed the short-lived Skillers of F2P List, hosted on The list was designed to keep track of every and any existing level 3 pure non-member who had at least one stat ranked on the Runescape hiscores. After Heterodoxius was banned just a few months later, Adib ceased upkeep of the list and Runehead eventually erased it due to prolonged inactivity. By the time Heterodoxius was banned, the list contained nearly 500 names, virtually reaching Runehead's capacity.  Only a single cached version of this list dated February 8, 2009, exists here . Incidentally, the topic which originally sponsored the list is still available here on Clan Peacefull's forums. Shortly after Adib decided to cease upkeep of this list, a fellow F2P skiller who had been playing since Runescape Classic (he has 9 constitution), Sbw3189, continued the original idea of this index and kept it alive through a similar list of his own (meaning Runehead was not used). For the next few years, Sbw regularly maintained the data on the list and meticulously ensured that it was as up-to-date as possible. However, he unexpectedly stopped updating the list's data and disappeared without a trace. Eventually, Mining Eggs (aka Eggs Yoke), yet another F2P skiller, decided to continue in the path of his precursors and currently maintains a list with exactly the same purpose as the two that preceded his own.

Under Lord Adib, he partnered with Robin Hilton and created the National Heads of Runescape List. This list served to log the best (highest total level) Runescape players from every country in the world. There was a section for the best pure non-members and members of each country. The list was highly visited and discussed, especially among European players. However, Adib and Robin were not able to collaborate very well, and by 2011, the domain name which hosted the list expired. There are no plans to revive it. The last version of the website still available in the public domain, cached on February 21, 2009, is available here .