Ice Note is a RuneScape player who was best known for being a leader at clan wars. Before he became the leader of his own official clan, Ice Note would advertise all levels allowed clans at Clan Wars. He mainly advertised in World 3, where other opponents such as 24 Hour and Foenixflair resided. While Ice Note's popularity was noteable for a short period in World 3, 24 Hour's long-standing reputation in Clan Wars had a strong foundation and ultimately ended in a fierce 3-match competition between both clans. At this point, Ice Note was still not at his highest point of popularity, however he was well-known in the World 3 Clan Wars community. Although Ice Note's clan lost 1-2 to 24 Hour, his popularity sharply rose afterwards, especially with others who were against 24 Hour's clan and its members.

Then, Ice Note was rivaled again by the emergence of a new clan built by a former General of Ice Note's clan, Foenixflair. Due to endorsement from both Ice Note's members and 24 Hour, as well as some appearances by famous World 141 Clan Leaders such as BAAAM and Zulti, Foenixflair's clan began to rival Ice Note's. After rivalries escalated to a peak, most noticeably with the loss of Ice Note's Generals to both rival clans, a standoff occured between Foenixflair and Ice Note. In a standoff that resulted in both clans having a full capacity of 100, Ice Note lost his second championship to Foenixflair 0-2 (a third war was not required).

After strong tensions due to his second championship loss, his popularity began to falter. Therefore, he began his own official clan when their emergence began. He became the leader of a clan he named "Redemption", which generally advertised at clan wars every day. This later turned into a 3 way merger with 2 other clans to create The almighty "Dark Redemption" in which ice note was Council.

From 2011 and onwards, Ice Note was no longer at Clan Wars. It is unknown why be abruptly left. However many players still remember him from his glory days. 

As of 2015 Ice Note and his fellow man, Furious swag, have both claimed that Drunk Pkers is officially the best clan to come out of Rs3 and into Old School runescape. Ice Note regrets the Drunk pkers/ID beef and wishes that Drunk Pkers never closed Iraq Dynasty.

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