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Ladykilljoy hacked by Im Back123

Im Back123 on Ladykilljoy's account

Im_back123 is a RuneScape hacker. He is known for hacking many famous and rich RuneScape players. He does not have a public RuneScape account in fear of getting IP'd by Jagex. Jagex also made public that they had a IP tracing system that would bypass any proxy regardless of how many relays there were, even though that isn't actually possible and he got banned.

The Old Nite

In 2009, Im_back123 helped Marshviperx to hack the famous RuneScape player The_Old_Nite. The password was soon leaked onto some forums, and the account is now locked.[citation needed]


On 2010, Im_back123 hacked the famous RuneScape classic player Ladykilljoy.[citation needed]

Other Players Hacked

Im_back123 has hacked many RuneScape players including Flame_105 (The main of Tehnoobshow) and Phat Shock (One of RuneScape's richest players). .[citation needed]

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