Jmartinez14, or mostly known as "Jmart" was a semi-famous RuneScape player who was well known on the MM (Mayhem Makers) and DI (Damage Incorporated) Forums. He started to play RuneScape in 2004 and was addicted from day 1. He then found his way onto the MM Forums and would post there non stop. He was the first ever person to reach 10,000 posts. Jmart had also very nice stats and was a very dedicated player. Once Jagex took PKing and didn't allow no limit trading, he seemed to lose interest in the game. After a while, he supposedly gave his account to a friend he knew in real life. This friend re named the account "KiD Cento". Jmart was also known for making one of the first blue dragon guides in the game, as he showed how players could make money buy successfully killing blue dragons in the Watchtower Dungeon. He then used all of his money from the dragon bones and blue dragon hides and bought a red party hat that was 140m at the time back in 2007.

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