Combat level 133
Started playing Late 2007
Known for Not famous

Killekalekoe is one of many players who achieved absolutely nothing special at all. He is currently spending most of his time no-lifing Frost dragons and training the effigie ckicking skill. His main goal is to get maxed combat, also he is planning on getting 96 herblore and 99 fletshing sometime.


11-02-16 19.51.49

Killekalekoe spotted at the Edgeville bank probably banking after doing a Frost dragon trip.

He currently has four 99 skills: Attack, Strength, Defence and Constitution. His total level is 1,914 with 102,783,491 total exp and a rank of 129,030. His highest skills is Constitution (16.6m Exp) and his lowest skill is farming (level 49).

As of February 17th 2011

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