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KirihaAonuma's Tumblr Icon (Drawn by Verdanda)
Combat level 138
Other names Kiri, KiriGuy, TheChaoticBlade
Nationality British
Achievements Max
Known for YouTube videos

KirihaAonuma, Also known as Kiri for short or TheChaoticBlade on Youtube and KiriGuy on Tumblr, Is a Player Moderator & RuneScape Videomaker, He Currently has 350+ subscribers.

Videoclub Edit

Back in 2012 KirihaAonuma was invited to the secret Videoclub Forum, a Runescape forum for videomakers, He had participated in 1 project featured of the Runescape Youtube channel, that project Halloween Skits Before videoclub was closed. 

Events Edit

KirihaAonuma, Along with Sir Mikkel and RSMurderer (Caedo) have hosted both The Karamjan Getaway 2014 and the Christmas Crater Celebration 2014 in partnership with RuneTime.

Maxing Edit

KirihaAonuma took a long break from videomaking to work on obtaining his Max Cape, As of January 3rd 2015, KirihaAonuma is a Maxed player. His last skill being Hunter

Zamorak Edit

KirihaAonuma is a follower of Zamorak. as revealed in a few of his videos and his outfit being Zamorakin Dragonhide, He is an Ex-Follower of Zaros & Guthix, He is currently known as the only Zamorakian Machinima maker.

Community Corner Edit

KirihaAonuma has had only 1 video featured in the Community Corner, That video being The Dark Ocean Part 1: Raan.(Despite being Part 1, this project was discontinued and he never made a Part 2)

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