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Started playing 2002 or earlier
Known for First to 99 Strength

Ladykilljoy is a RuneScape player, who was the first to achieve 99 Strength legit . Maniac 666 obtained 99 str through a bug. He was hacked in 2010, possibly by Im back123. He attained 99 Strength in 2002. He has a Partyhat set containing about 90-120 Partyhats total.[citation needed] Ladykilljoy was regarded to be the second most famous player.

Along with being first to 99 strength, Ladykilljoy was second to 99 hitpoints (constitution), being the second account to get any 99 in any skill, and the fourth non-Jagex account to become a paying member.

Ladykilljoy was one of the richest RuneScape players, with around 80 partyhats and 100 santa hats, plus 287 million in cash. He still logs into Runescape every once in a while and gives away free stuff to newer members.

He was and regarded as the nicest RuneScape player. He is also known for writing one of the quests inside Runescape (the family crest quest)

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