A Local Moderator talks in-game. A purple crown appears next to the moderator's name in chat.

An example of a Local Moderator message in RuneScape

A Local Moderator, also known as a Local Mod or LMod, was a Community Management team member working for one of Jagex's official partners. They could be identified with a purple crown next to their name in chat, and a purple background in the RuneScape Forums. The Local Moderator program was discontinued in 2015.[1]

Roles and abilities

Local Moderators helped manage their designated communities in-game and on the forums. Their roles were to help new players, organise events, run competitions, engage and protect their designated community. Local Moderators had the ability to add a mute to a report for offences; however, they were not allowed to give free items or trade other players. Local Moderators were usually in-game for special occasions.[2]

Recognizing a Local Moderator

Refer to caption. The post has a purple background, and the words "Moderador local" (Portuguese for "Local Moderator") appear below the moderator's name and chat head.

An example of a Local Moderator post on the Portuguese RuneScape Forums

Local Moderators could be identified with a purple crown next to their name in chat. On the RuneScape forums, Local Moderator posts had a purple background, and the words "Local Mod" appeared beneath their names. They could be found only in the Spanish and Portuguese versions of the game and forums.[2]

Becoming a Local Moderator

In order to become a Local Moderator, one had to be working for the Community Management team for one of Jagex's partners: Gamerica/UOL and Aexso5.[2]


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