Master Jaman's common appearance.

Fan Biography on Master Jaman.

Master Jaman is a veteran player in RuneScape. Master Jaman began playing in 2004 whereas he quickly began to excel in multiple skills. He still plays to this date as the main account of several other alternative accounts.

He has been known to extensively catch Lobsters and Swordfish throughout RuneScape as well as fletch many magic bows. He has given thought to becoming a Player Moderator in the near future due to his expertise and active duty to promote RuneScape while reporting bots.

Master Jaman is commonly seen with the 2006 Christmas Event Reindeer Hat as well as the 2008 Christmas Event Ice Amulet. If seen, players will commonly ask him where he got his name from, whereas he will not respond.

He plans on beginning a YouTube channel that documents his journey to Level 99 in a select few skills. He currently has not confirmed whether this will occur in 2011 or 2012.

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