Maxboison is a player of Runescape, also known for making humorous videos on YouTube, under his name theunforgiving. Unfortunately, around 2009, he quit RuneScape. He deleted every single video on his channel that involved RuneScape and started playing World of Warcraft. This enraged many fans and subscribers of his, which led to a loss of subscribers.. He is also known for dating Vodka5, also a player of Runescape (even though they know each other in real life).

Maxboison is most notable for his creation of a RuneScape karaoke series, where famous RuneScape players would sing parts of a song. Such players include Vodka5, Skychi, SoullessDeparture, and Vinchenzo900. His karaoke series covered "Barbie Girl", "You're The One That I Want", and "Gay Bar". Another singing video included the "Canon Rap - Gotta Kill Maxboison". He also created numerous videos on how to pronounce Zezima. At this point, all of Max's videos can only be viewed by reuploads.

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