Miner I was an exceptionally accomplished level 3 non-member. He started playing during Runescape Classic and quit around 2008, when he got married and eventually had a child.

Miner I had the distinction of being the best level 3 non-member for several years. Even after he quit, he continued to remain rank 1 in terms of total level for a level 3 non-member for many months until he was finally passed by 0mg 3 Lvl.

While there was a small handful of other level 3 nonmembers who started around the same time as Miner I (or perhaps even before him), they never progressed very far in the game—or if they did, they primarily focused on one skill. An example of this is Troglodyte (name has since been changed), who got 99 mining during the early days of Runescape as a level 3 non-member and quit shortly afterwards. It was Miner I's persistence and broad variety of skill training that separated him from his contemporaries, and the majority of the F2P skilling community considers him the first major F2P skiller for those reasons. During sporadic hiatuses throughout 2006, his account began to gain fame and acquired an almost legendary status due to his highly unique accomplishments and standing in the game, and inspired many people from 2006 and onward, like Heterodoxius, to create their own F2P skillers, who in turn inspired others to do the same. It can thus be viably proposed that the notion of playing Runescape as a level 3 non-member became popularized by, and was essentially born with, Miner I.

He was also renowned for being the only level 3 non-member with 99 smithing for several years, having achieved it in 2004 or earlier. He acquired 22.8M smithing xp soon afterwards, and his smithing was ranked in the top 21 at its peak.

He was also known for always wearing a red partyhat, about which he would often tell a story related to his philosophy of showing kindness to others. During Runescape Classic, Miner I once died while mining with his red partyhat and lost it. The only other person there was another fairly lower-leveled player who had struck up a conversation with Miner I. When he came back, instead of keeping the partyhat for himself, the player returned it to Miner I. He often recalled how profoundly that experience affected him, and taught him that not all Runescape players were hopelessly selfish and immature.

He also ran a clan chat from 2007 up until he quit the following year, which was highly popular among F2P skillers.

In the winter of 2011, Miner I became a member and changed his display name to 1 9 6 6.

His brother, Champ025, still plays Runescape occasionally and keeps in touch with Miner I's old friends.

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