Mini Kaotix, also known as Keshav is a member of the RuneScape clan 'The Soul Reapers'. Currently, he is the youngest member of the clan.


Keshav's first, and only 99 for quite a while was Strength. After several years of wearing his untrimmed strength cape, he finally managed to trim the cape with its sister skill, Attack.

Keshav currently owns the highly coveted chaotic longsword, his most prized possession.

The Battle of the Rich vs Poor

He is most famous for the battle 'The Rich vs Poor'. In the battle he completely dominated the extremely rich Caperucita, by perfecting and knocking the fellow clan member out in a scarcely believed 2 unpotted hits, while being strapped in complete welfare.


Mini Kaotix can be find in both Runescape, and Skype.


On Runescape, Keshav currently has one family member 'Rohit 4 Life'. Both are in 'The Soul Reapers'.

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