Combat level 120
Known for Clan Wars

Mopping has been a player of Runescape since early March 2007, He is famous for w141 Free-To-Play clan wars, where his clans were well over 60 people. He has sinced stopped playing Clan Wars and has moved onto training his skills.

In December of 2010, he achieved his first 99 - Cooking, getting his all time high xp in a day of 1.9m. Since then he has achieved 99 Fletching and is now going for 99 Strength, Woodcutting and Firemaking. He is an active member on the stats tracking site "Runetrack" having been there for over 2 years.

Moppings current display name is "I Lively". He has two YouTube channels which he puts videos on when he feels like it. They are YahNuggets and NeitzRunescape.

In other Jagex games, Mopping is ranked 423 in Funorb and 429 in War Of Legends on his account "Almost Go" with the display name of "Sumo The Dog" which is no longer a member. He played 8 Realms for a day and then quit.

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