Mortvana is a follower of Armadyl, he tolerates Saradominist, and likes followers of Guthix, He plan on raising an elite force to take down Lord Drascul Although he is only level 50, his mix-macthed armour and Team-40 Cape proves he is more of a skiller. He is making a clan called "The Arcean Force". He was formerly known as Shaymin Boss

His Team So Far:

Nobob4u, Lord Mortvana, Swine Soda, Dusk Lord27, Killeraven17, YMuto, HonooKoriRyu, AuraMesa, Ryoko Pwnz, and Guthix Pwnz

Team Info:

Mortvana: Team leader, HonooKoriRyu's Boy Friend, Rich (about 1,050k).

Nobob4u: One of his three assistants, his Brother, his bodyguard, his ace recruiter, and one of his two assassins.

Killeraven17:One of his two assassins, one of his many trainees, one of his three assistants, and Nobob4u's protege.

HonooKoriRyu: One of his three assistants, his Girl Friend, his favorite trainee.

Ryoko Pwnz: His psychic friend, his only mage.

YMuto: One of his trainees.

Swine Soda: One of his trainees, His Armor and Weapon manager.

Dusk Lord27: One of his trainees, a mytserious person.

AuraMesa: One of his trainees.

and Guthix Pwnz: One of his trainees, The God of Balance

The mighty Lord Drascul, has marked down this player, and his clan, for destruction.

In Zamoraks name - strength through chaos.

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