Na2 Mg S avatar body
Na2 mg s is a medium level member with resonable levels. He does a lot of quests and finds minigames quite fun he is aming for 99 firemaking and 99 woodcutting.

He has a cc (Clan Chat) called Na2 mg s and would ask if you read this page can you join it. His favourite god is Guthix.He enjoys whatching Tehnoobshow's RuneScape gods exposed and Fally Guard. He adds many people as friends an little people as ignores.

His is not good at quests and normally needs help with them. And use's Wikia and Tipit (They are both very good) to help him with them.

He is training to become a really good zerker and ranger his range is 81 his highest combat skill. His firemaking is 91 as of 10 July 2011. He wants to have 99 Firemaking by 14 July 2011.

He has been banned once for a few days and it was not enjoyable.

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