Nexus gets 99 Fishing!04:12

Nexus gets 99 Fishing!

99 Fishing

Nexus is a RuneScape player who started playing in 2005 under the user name Kingofblingy. He very slowly gained experience, and achieved a total level of 2000 in around 3 years. In June 2009, Nexus achieved his first 99, Woodcutting (which he trained entirely on yews from level 61), followed by 99 in Fletching, Firemaking and Cooking. In total, it took him about 7 months to obtain all four. In April 2010, he was at it again, this time spending almost 4 months fishing. This resulted in him Fishing a total of 68K Monkfish, worth over 60M at the time, and achieving 99 in Fishing.

After the excitement over the profits of 99 Fishing, Nexus blew it all on 99 Magic via stringing amulets. This took about a week and was achieved in the summer of 2010. He also achieved the Quest Cape.

Joint 99s! Dynamoking 99 Attack & Nexus 99 Defence04:31

Joint 99s! Dynamoking 99 Attack & Nexus 99 Defence

99 Defence

In March 2011, he was back, largely due to the return of free trade and wilderness. He immediately set out to train his account into a tanker, and achieved 99 Ranged and 99 Defence, in April and August 2011 respectively.

Since returning to RuneScape in early 2011, his attitude towards the game has changed. It would be safe to say that his determination and loyalty to training his skills were weaker than before. One week he'll be playing a few hours a day, and the next he won't log on for several days. He can easily become bored in a matter of minutes.

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