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NightmareRH is a RuneScape player who is known for making Runescape videos on YouTube. On May 25, 2015 he achieved his final 99 which was Runecrafting giving him the Max Cape.  He also has 120 Dungeoneering. NightmareRH also plans on obtaining 200 million Fletching xp currently sustaining 136M Xp in Fletching. After 200 million Fletching xp he has mentioned he hopes to achieve 200 million xp in Cooking.

In the beginning of his videos, he starts off with, "Oh my fucking god! Time for a new video!", often uses the word "bunghole", and many other phrases like "Hooba Hubba Hubba". Furthermore, he ridicules Mod Mark and numerous updates that Jagex has done in the past. In his more well-known pvp videos, he often destroys computers with various powertools after dying. In one of these PvP videos, after getting killed by another player using ice barrage in Varrock. NightmareRH locks his computer in a room, cuts through and kicks the door down in his house, then proceeds to use the chainsaw on the computer. In another one of NightmareRH's popular videos he cuts the refrigerator door off of the refrigerator in his home and records his mother trying to open it, consequently the door falls off an upon realizing he cut the door off and is recording her, she begins to cry. He is also known for large amounts of profanity in his videos, and for being a very efficient and wealthy skiller.

NightmareRH's YouTube account was hacked on 8/2/2012. He has posted a video on his YouTube Channel now explaining what happened. As of 13 May 2014, his main channel, NightmareRH has 209,000 subscribers but is averaging less than 8,000 views per video. 

He now adds all his videos such as his "Daily RS vlogs" and his "V-Logs" all to his main channel.

He started playing RuneScape when he witnessed a friend killing zombies in the Varrock sewers.

He is a good friend of famous player killer and YouTube personality "No1s Perfect", also known as Chris Archie or Mod Archie.

His real name is Chris and he currently lives in Connecticut (United States). In many videos he is known for his love of horror movies, Jerry Springer, Heavy Metal music, Mountain Dew Code Red, and Taco Bell. He has stated in several videos that he is a member of the United States Marine Corps.

In 2012 he created his P2P clan called "BloodyGaming". As of 13 May 2013, it contains approximately 470 players.

In 2014, he started to live stream on Twitch and continues his journey towards achieving the Max Cape.

Recently he has become a PvM player on Runescape and some of his PvM acheivements include creating a spider leg at Araxxor and obtaining a Dagganoth Rex pet on OSRS as well as a Bandos Pet on EOC

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