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NightmareRH headNightmareRH
Total level 2431
Combat level 186
Nationality American
Started playing 2006
Known for Youtube videos

NightmareRH is a RuneScape player who is known for making Runescape videos on YouTube. He currently has 14 99's, one of them being 110 Dungeoneering and more recently 99 Prayer in early 2013. However, he is working on achieving level 99 in Slayer through the use of effigies, Xp lamps and the little troll little reward as he quotes the Troll Invasion Minigame Xp reward. NightmareRH also plans on obtaining 200 million Fletching xp currently sustaining 133M Xp in Fletching. After he gets 200M Fletching Xp, he plans on getting level 120 in Dungeoneering.

In the beginning of his videos, he starts off with, "Oh my f**king god! Time for a new video!", often uses the word "bunghole", and many other phrases like "Hooba Hooba Hubba". Furthermore, he ridicules Mod Mark and numerous updates that Jagex has done in the past. In his famous pvp videos, he often destroys computers with various powertools after dying. In one of these pvp videos, after getting killed by another player using ice barrage in Varrock. NightmareRH famously locks his computer in a room, cuts through and kicks the door down in his house, then proceeds to use the chainsaw on the computer.

NightmareRH's YouTube account was hacked on 8/2/2012. He has posted a video on his YouTube Channel now explaining what happened. As of April 10th, 2013, his main channel, NightmareRH has 205,000 subscribers. 

He has several YouTube accounts and adds new videos daily.

In 2012 he created his P2P clan called "BloodyGaming".

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