One glow is one of the greatest skillers (level 126), but has decided to become a main. He originated as a barrows pure (99 Strength, Attack and HP with 78 Defence).

His real name is Ron, and originates from Newcastle, England, in a small village near Blyth.

He mentioned to his friends what targets he is aiming for - they consist of 99 Cooking, Prayer, Defence, and Ranged. These were his goals to get by the end of 2011. So far, he wants people to chat to and is starting to make videos again.

He will be joining king taf in his 10mil+ drop party and donating items to it.

If you feel like speaking to him, add him on RuneScape and he may talk if he is online.

He is one of the cannyest people on RuneScape and is wanting help on someone renting them to use a gilded altar.

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