Combat level 70
Known for Not famous

Oscarlego is a RuneScape free-to-play player with a combat level of 70, his highest skill is Woodcutting which is level 72. On November 2nd he completed the seven quests: Ernest the Chicken, Vampire Slayer, Black Knight's Forrtress, Pirate's Treasure, Doric's Quest, Goblin Diplomacy and Dragon Slayer, and he earned 20 Quest Points. (He has 35 QPs now) He said thanks to Michael Sch9, his Woodcutting tutor who helped him with the quests and then the next day he had been wearing full rune gold-trimmed. (The helm too) He can often be found on F2P world 96 north of Varrock Palace chopping Yew trees, but is sometimes training Dungeoneering along with friends or training Mining and Smithing. As you may know, he has never been a member. The first quest he ever did was Cook's Assistast.


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