Osoze also known as rustyelbow. Started Runescape around 2004, this is suspected to be his 6th account. Rumors says that his previous accounts were all near maxed but either got hacked or he gave them away.

Osoze started his current account on December 2007. He told his friends that he created this account as a "back up" incase anything ever happens to his other one. He knew that his account was going to be hacked.

Osoze take several breaks every year. His longest break was 4 months, from January 2006 to May 2006. However, a break in the year of 2010 changed his view on Runescape. Prior to his break in 2010, he was known to be more of a skiller and less of a killer. After his break, he cleared his bank and rarely touch skilling again, he's mostly interested in PVM, and PVP. He had a total of around 700 at level 3, until he decided to train combat.

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