Outer Heaven was the former clan of infamous player Lord Drascul. It was disbanded after Lord Drasculs ban for numerous illegal activities includin; Scamming, Luring and Bottin. At the height of Outer Heavens power, Lord Drascul ruled with an iron fist, and many people at the time of Outer Heavens rise feared the clan and it's leader immensely.


Lord Drascul is said to have returned to Runescape, and is once again building up his great Outer Heaven. Remnants of the old clan returned to Lord Drasculs banner, and are every bit as brutal and deadly as they were before. While it is not 100% confirmed, it is advised that everyone stay clear of Lord Drascul and his Outer Heaven, for they are not to be trusted.

  • 29/8/11

Lord Drascul was seen several times recruiting, mainly on world 7, a free to play world. He is said to have chosen his f2p captain, but we were unable to find out the name of this player. The entire runescape community should be on guard against this clan, and especially it's leader and chain of command. This unknown captain should also be avoided, for he will surely be attemptin to aid his masters plot and recruit more to his cause.


Rumours of a battle between Outer Heaven and a large force of Player Moderators has been unconfirmed, as well as reports of Jagex Mods personally meeting with Lord Drascul and Outer Heaven.

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