PK Lord II is a RuneScape player from Australia. He has previously been known as Icy Chev2 and DownWithSPGS before getting the name of PK Lord II. He is active on the forums, going on nearly every day. He is also active in the game itself, holding 85 Combat, 93 Fishing and 81 Woodcutting, among other things. He can often be found at the Fishing Guild and the Grand Exchange. He rarely does quests, as he finds them boring.


PK Lord II's views on various aspects of RuneScape can be quite controversial, especially on the forums. He has been very critical of several updates, including the Personalised Shop Update, which he called "the most pointless update ever", and the branding of Dungeoneering as a skill, which he claims is a minigame rather than a skill.

Getting most of his money from Fishing, he is also critical of Jagex's decision to introduce Stiles, an NPC who notes fish for players, onto Karamja in F2P. He claims that it has more than halved fish prices, and that Fishing is becoming less popular due to the update.

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