Papi ChuloPR
Other names PapasotePR, Pretty BoyPR, Heavy Precummer
Nationality Puerto Rican
Influences Emigration from Yu'biusk, Bandos
Known for Massive hubris, Lisp, Inflated sense of self image, Allowing himself to be scammed by taking HSR into wilderness
Clan Cave Goblins

Papi ChuloPR, also known as PapasotePR and Pretty BoyPR, is a well known player in the PvP/warbands community. Known for his affinity for risk fighting and his battle cry of "Sissy" whenever he kills someone, his skill as a mage fighter and his affinity for the RS god Bandos has led him to be branded as some as the "Bandosian wild mage". Despite his affinity for mage and killing ungeared players, he has been known to carry a Bandos Godsword to further represent his deity of choice.

Also known for PvP against players training Runecrafting through the abyss.

On June 5, 2018, Papi ChuloPR was tragically scammed for a Hazelmere's signet ring, which he was unable to recover.

Known for

  • Virtus risking in the name of Bandos.
  • Being a strict adherent to PvP rules.
  • Being the scourge of demonic skulls.
  • Being the god of Virtus risk fights.


  • Through sheer Bandosian will power, he is able to stay at Zamorak Mage camping runecrafters for 16 hours a day for 500k a kill.
  • Despite being such a prolific PKer, he has artificially limited his powers to make fights fair. He is from PS3 and not from RuneScape, meaning his soft, supple, warm hands are meant to tenderly embrace a Playstation controller, making the roughness over a keyboard difficult for him to use. In effect, this means his skill is limited, benefiting those he fights.
  • Camouflages himself under Mr. Ex, allowing his prey to run into the wild without noticing being hunted.
  • Despite having a lisp, claims that everyone who has a lisp is gay (he denies being gay though).
  • Quoted as saying that he is a heavy precummer.
  • When not at Zammy mage, he likes to show off his haircut on omegle.
  • 10/10 looks.
  • Into black men.
  • Not a geek like you.

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