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This page isn't about a player. It's about many players who currently have 9 Constitution and some who used to have 9 Constitution.

Level 9 Constitution accounts are accounts that were created before the release of Runescape 2 in 2004. When Runescape 2 was released, the experience requirement needed to reach level 10 Hitpoints was raised from 1,000 experience to 1,154 experience. In addition, all new account had 1,154 Hitpoints (and thus 10 Hitpoints) by default. As a result, the only way for an account to have level 9 Hitpoints was for it to have gained less than 154 Hitpoints before the release of Runescape 2.

Level 9 Hitpoint account were relatively unpopular until the addition of Quick Chat in 2008, which allowed level 9 Hitpoint accounts to undeniably prove they only had level 9 Hitpoints. Since then, additional features such as the Player Examine feature have allowed level 9 Constitution accounts to further advertise both their achievement and dedication to the game.

Level 9 Constitution HiScores

Accounts over Level 3

  • 1: Who (Total level: 2416)
  • 2: Dragonheart (Total level: 2240)
  • 3: Ism (Total level: 2192)
  • 4: 9 LP (Total level: 2026)
  • 5: 9 HP (Total Level :1993)
  • 6: Magnificent (Total level: 1681)
  • 7: Byse (Total level: 1650)
  • 8: 9HP Keit (Total level: 1588) - Only 9HP with "the Defeater" title + "the Daredevil" + Maul of Omens
  • 9: Goner (Total level: 1514)
  • 10: Metif (Total level: 724)
  • 11: 9 HLTPOLNTS: (Total level: 604)
  • 12: The 9 HP (Total level: 137)

Level 3 Skillers

  • 1: 9HP (Total level: 1816)
  • 2: Bung (Total level: 1488)
  • 3: noob im 9 hp (Total level: 1328)
  • 4: 9 Hit_Point (Total level: 1244)
  • 5: 9con (Total level: 1183)
  • 6: 9HP Chippy (Total level: 996)
  • 7: Not 9HP (Total level: 735)
  • 8: Sauhnik (Total level: 578)
  • 9: Popularity (Total level: 557)
  • 10: Mundungus (Total level: 548) (Andy Grammer's alt)
  • 11: OG Papery (Total Level: 53)
  • 12: Gurlluver75 (Total level 35)
  • 13: ToadLickher (Total level 35) (All Skills Level 1 with 9 Constitution)
  • 14: Rareitem2205

"Grams" was removed from this list for the buying and selling of the account

"Nine Lives" was removed from this list for the buying and selling of the account

"Cow Ass (Tina Likes currently)" and their accounts have been removed for the buying and selling of them

"Lost" Level 9 Constitution HiScores

This is the HiScore for accounts that can no longer be found due to inactivity or name changes, but previously held a spot on the HiScores on this page.

  • Ul: Last known total level: 1605
  • Legacy 9HP: Last known total level:1555
  • Doie: Last known total level: 1392
  • 9Hper: Last known total level: 1309
  • Appetizer: Last known total level: 1181
  • Schtu: Last known total level: 728
  • J T I V: Last known total level: 81
  • Lord Art
  • Bunny(king/prince/queen)

Players who leveled Constitution passed level 9


Baby Cloud reachs HP level 10!

  • Ruiny
  • Baby Cloud
  • Unhealthy/NineHP: Hacked in 2011 and was leveled to over 10 hp.
  • Elf Squad/Pixiu. Hacked in 2013, and was leveled to over 10 hp
  • Andy Grammer completed Mourning's End Part I Quest leveling hp over 9.
  • Note 1: Bunnyking, queen and prince are the same person with three accounts.
  • Note 2: 9hp Summon, 9hp Skiller, and Cow Ass are the same person.
  • Note 3: Ruiny, Andy Grammer, Lord Art and Mundungus are the same person.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How can they have a HP level of only 9 when you start with 10?
  • A. When RuneScape 2 (as it was then known) was released, the experience required for level 10 in any skill was slightly raised (from 1.000 to 1.154). This meant that characters with no extra Hitpoints experience in RuneScape Classic were brought to RuneScape 2 with only 9 Hitpoints. //RuneScape Wikia
  • Q. Can anyone of those players have a combat level under 3?
  • A. The minimum combat level is still 3 for those players.

Baby Cloud's Objective


Two players saying their constitution level is 9.


My Constitution level is 9.

More Information

How to show your HP level of 9:

  • Tell your Constitution level by Quick Chat.
  • Die with full HP bar.
  • At the 2007 Halloween Event, a monster could hit you all your hitpoints and then you would die and come back to the entrance of the spooky house.
  • In Examine Settings, allow people to look at your skills, where they can see your constitution level.

Possible Combat Levels and How to Train

  • Combat Level - 115
  • Constitution - 9
  • Attack - 99 (Soul Wars, Warriors Guild, Pest Control)
  • Defense - 99 (Soul Wars, Warriors Guild, Pest Control)
  • Strength - 99 (Soul Wars, Warriors Guild, Pest Control, Barbarian Fishing)
  • Magic - 99 (Soul Wars, Non-combat spells, Circus, Pest Control)
  • Ranged - 99 (Soul Wars, Ranging Guild targets, Circus, Pest Control)
  • Prayer - 99
  • Summoning - 99 (Charm Sprites or lootshare)
  • Slayer - 99 (Soul Wars, XP lamps, Jack of Trades aura)

Best Combat Equipment:

  • Helmet: Player Owned Ports Superior Gear - Tetsu, SeaSinger, Death Lotus
  • Body: Player Owned Ports Superior Gear - Tetsu, SeaSinger, Death Lotus
  • Legs: Player Owned Ports Superior Gear - Tetsu, SeaSinger, Death Lotus
  • Boots: Emberkeen boots
  • Gloves:  Razorback gauntlets, Celestial handwraps , Ascension grips
  • Cape: Player Owned Ports Superior Gear - Reefwalker
  • Shield: Rise of the Six - Malevolent, Vengeful, Merciless

Completeable Quests with 9HP

So Close on the Runescape forums has created a list of every quest that can be completed by players with 10 Constitution. Since the quests give no, or give optional, Constitution experience, they can be completed by players with level 9 Constitution as well. The link to the thread may be found here.

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