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Changed This page isn't about a player. It's about many players who currently have 9HP and some who had. Note: Before adding any player, make sure you check that the player has a hp level under 10, and ranked as proof to be in the highscores.

It's about to ...


On this page you can post players names who have a Constitution level of 9:

Top Constitution account/proof required or will be removed-

  • 96 (Total level: 934)
  • Ul (Total level: 1605: #1 9 Constitution Skiller)
  • XxYashiebaxX (Total Level 1063, 99 Firemaking, 90 Divination, 9 Constitution, Now stays in "4Ever" clan and still active after 2014) 
  • Byse (Total level: 1565: #2 9 Constitution Skiller, 99 Fletching/Runecraft)
  • Legacy 9HP (Total Level:1555, #3 9 constitution skiller, 99 mining/runecrafting/Prayer + 7 others)
  • Magnificent (Total level: 1542: #4 9 Constitution Skiller, 99 Prayer/Magic/Summon/Range) 
  • 9H-P 1392 Total level. (99 Firemaking) #5 9 Constitution Skiller (Previously known as "Doie")
  • Ruiny (Total Level: 1304, #6 9 Constitution skiller)
  • 9hp Rhys (Total Level: 1364, 99 Fletching)
  • Ichig (Total Level: 1099, 9 Constitution skiller, first to achieve 99 Dungeoneering)
  • Not 9HP ( 99 Firemaking, 99 Crafting )
  • Nine Lives (99 Magic, 99 Prayer, 95 Defence)
  • 9hp Exists - (99 Magic, going for 99 Construction)
  • 9Battle-mage (Total level: 1200+ 85 defense/magic going for first 9hp to wear full battlemage hyrbid armor)
  • H9P (Total level: 524, 99 Magic)
  • 9Hp Brady (Total level: 104)
  • Killer Odeli (Total level: 155)
  • Fishfisherer (Total level: 178)*
  • Bunnyking (Total level: 33)*
  • BunnyQueen (Total level: 33)
  • Bunnyprince (Total level: 101)*
  • Donnyyy (Total level: 2324)**
  • Elf Squad (Total level: 816)
  • 9 Hp Magic (Total level: 297, level 99 Magic)
  • Agent Rodger (Total level: 44)*
  • I Have 9 HP (Total level: 632 , level 99 Hunter, 4/11-'09)*
  • 9 LP (Total Level: 1230, 99 prayer)
  • Finningley (Total Level: 448 , level 99 Fletching)
  • Sora365 (Total level: 273)
  • Heretix2 (Total level: 132)
  • Miningxp (Total level: 32)*
  • Miner (Total level: 102)
  • 9 Out of 9HP (Total level: ???)
  • Anti Health (Total level: 305+ level 60 Ranged, Magic, and Defence)
  • Blastx Money (Total level: 32+)*
  • Dingaling3 (Total level: 78)
  • Swear Team(Total level: 909+)*
  • Ran Batty(Total level: 38)*
  • I Am Carnage (Total level: 41+)*
  • Baby Cloud(Total level: 781+,lLevel 99 Defence, 8/12-'09)*+**
  • 9 hp for me (Total level: 95+)
  • The 9hp(Total level: 122+, every F2P until 2009 Quest complete)*
  • Spotted Chin (Total level: 131? , level 99 Runecrafting, 2010)
  • No Abuse (Total level: Unknown)*
  • Wandrille (66wc, I still play with him -2011)
  • 9hper (P2P, 94 magic, in NineHP's Clan)
  • Im 9hp (Within NineHP's Clan)
  • Lord Art (Total level: 33)
  • Grass Is Red (Total level: 846)
  • 807f94f0814d15121ac9dc582798a18f
    9 Hper
    CrzyblzAdded by Crzyblz
    9 Hper (Total level: 1309; 99 Construction)
  • Nai Lynn
  • Cooker90
  • Const Pure
  • Coalguy5
  • 9Hp Alex
  • 9HP Forever
  • Runescaad
  • meetdeathxii
  • GateWey
  • Vasaris
  • Wombatkombat
  • Bearyz
  • Amazingminer (64 mining) 
  • Lord Jim13o (completed monkey madness, 1 def, 1 pray, 1 str, 9 hp.  25k "new player" trade limit (glitch))
  • 9HPs
  • I 9hp I (Total level: 839, 76 magic)
  • trhrtwert (Total level: 33, Not one xp gained since account creation)
  • P   H A T (Total level: 33)
  • Lifebloom9Hp
  • Winged Cobra (Total level: 106)
  • EyeHave9HP (Total Level: 1789)
  • Nein Hp (0xp gained since account creation, last in the Highscores) 
  • Joecool
  • Andy Grammer (Total Level: 354, 99 Construction, 91 Divination, 9HP)
  • Only9hp99sum (98 Cooking, 98 Firemaking, 92 Summ, 9HP)
  • 9Hp Skiller (total level: 444)

(*These accounts aren't known to have been logged on after the release of Dungeoneering and that makes them one total level lower...)

(**These account have levelled up to 10 or higher in HP!)

Note1: Bunnyking, queen and prince are the same person with three accounts

Note2: Only9hp99sum and 9hper is the same person

Note3: Baby Cloud were training to level 99 Def at
Baby Cloud reachs HP level 10!
Michael Sch9Added by Michael Sch9
Soul Wars before he killed a Goblin in Lumbridge and reached level 10 HP.

Questions and Answers:

Baby Cloud's Objective
Michael Sch9Added by Michael Sch9
Q. How can they have a HP level of only 9 when you start with 10?

A. When RuneScape 2 (as it was then known) was released, the experience required for level 10 in any skill was slightly raised (from 1.000 to 1.154). This meant that characters with no extra Hitpoints experience in RuneScape Classic were brought to RuneScape 2 with only 9 Hitpoints. //RuneScape Wikia

Q. Can anyone of those players have a combat level under 3?

A. The minimum combat level is still 3 for those players. Also, after Evolution of Combat, their combat level will raise to 4, since the new level is irrevelent of constitution. //RuneScape Wikia

Two players saying their constitution level is 9.
Lovers DrownAdded by Lovers Drown

My Constitution level is 9.
Michael Sch9Added by Michael Sch9
re Information:

Runescape 9Hp accounts weren’t that popular until Jagex released the “Quick Chat” update. This allows you to show off your skill levels with just a few clicks.

Some players with 9 Hitpoints don't want other players to know their names. //YouTube videos

Very many players with 9 HP changes their name to '9HP', 'I got 9HP' or something like that. The most 9HP Player are skillers, this mean: they only train uncombat skills. (Use xp lamps for Slayer)

How to show your HP level of 9:

  • Tell your Constitution level by Quick Chat.
  • Die with full HP bar.
  • At the 2007 Halloween Event, a monster could hit you all your hitpoints and then you would die and come back to the entrance of the spooky house.

Levels possible to reach even through not training Combat:

  • Combat Level - 115 (Theory, but 61 is confirmed) (Now with EOC it is possible to have a maxed combat level of 200)
  • Constitution - 9
  • Attack - 99 (Soul Wars, Warriors Guild, 70 is confirmed)
  • Defense - 99 (Soul Wars, Warriors Guild, 99 was confirmed by Baby Cloud)
  • Strength - 99 (Soul Wars, Warriors Guild, Heavy Rod Fishing, 76 is confirmed)
  • Magic - 99 (Soul Wars, Non-combat spells, Circus)
  • Ranged - 99 (Soul Wars, Dwarf Cannon, Ranging Guild, Circus)
  • Prayer - 99
  • Summoning - 99
  • Slayer - 99 (Soul Wars, XP lamps)

Level 99: Slayer, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Crafting, Cooking, Smithing, Fishing, Mining, Herblore, Construction, Farming, Herblore, Runecrafting, Hunter, Dungeoneering, Agility, Magic, Ranged, Prayer, Summoning.

  • Slayer, needs Experience Lamps too level or Soul Wars zeals, or it will be very hard.
  • Dungeoneering, join a game and don't accept their combat xp but let them fight the monster.
  • Agility, train at Tree Gnome Stronghold/Balthazar's Baureguard to not be damaged.
  • Prayer, find bones on the ground or buy them, then bury ... just train normally.
  • Summoning, just train normally, when 99 you have got 13 combat levels and no HP experience.
  • Magic, train at Balthazar's Baureguard or use uncombat spells: Teleport, Alching ...
  • Ranged, train at Balthazar's Baureguard to not get HP xp.
  • Defense, Soul Wars is a good place to train because the zeals give good xp.
  • Attack, train against dummies until your level is too high, to not get HP xp.
  • Strength, train against dummies until your level is too high, to not get HP xp.

Best Melee Skiller Equipment:

The best armour and equipment possible
Barrows Weaponary
Completeable Quest with 9HP:
An asterisk (*) indicates damage must be dealt without a cannon where experience will be gained. (But not enough experience to level, as long as you have not gained experience any prior to doing the quest.) Be careful if you decided to attempt more than one quest marked with an asterisk. Research the quest to make sure you won't accidentally level Constitution. ///RuneScape Wikia
Thanks to Runescape Wikia,, YouTube, Baby Cloud, every Level 9 HP Player and those who makes this page better!

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