Combat level 138
Known for Training a young scottish padawan into a fully trained noob.

Polodevil was born and raised in RuneScape Classic, Lumbridge is where he spent most of his days. He was killing Non-Player-Characters acting all cool, picking up bones like a fool. When a couple of PKers, they were in rune armour, start calling Polodevil a stinky farmer! He got into one little duel and his HP hit zero, the PKers said yo, smell ya later, you're off to lumbridge!

He whislted for a teleport varrock and when it came near, he said "Bye Lumbridge! I need better gear!" He pulled up to a bank, number 7 or 8, and yelled to the banker, "I want money now, not later!"

Looked in his bank and it wasn't there, no GP for gear!

Recent Events

Recently Polodevil has been spotted running around in circles for extended periods of time. We've been observing this behaviour and have concluded that he is looking for another Scottish child to take on as his Padawan learner. Obviously; Obi-Wan-Pudding wasn't happy with this as he wanted a Scottish padawan learner too. But Qui-Gon-Gravy permitted Polodevil to do it

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