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Ranging Ausi is an Australian player, he dedicates most of his time to RuneScape because he loves the nice community and all the support he gets from everybody, he is usually found w124 Player Killing at Edgeville, If not there then he is at clan wars having fun with the people round his levels, he has always wanted an untrimmed herblore cape but is not rich enough to achieve this goal, his favourite skill is range and he loves training it, he has level 97 range.

Ranging Ausi quit on the 20/11/12 and said he does not like the Evolution of Combat and said he will not play the game anymore. The time had come for him too quit runescape because he lost interest in the game. Written by in real life friend.

Ranging Ausi was one of the vet players still out there untill he sadly quit. He had a great kdr and not many of the players his level could beat him. After all this winning most player refused to fight him and he stopped pking as much and went to PvM and training his range.

  • 97 Range
  • 52 Defence (hacked at 45)
  • 60 Attack
  • 78 Strength
  • 52 Prayer
  • 69 Summoning
  • 85 Magic
  • 88 Constitution
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