redhi30 is not known amongst many players, except the ones who actually play the game. he is known mostly for being apart of the zezima/win all day 70b dice match. redhi30 is also the leader of a clan with a moderate high rank (besides defeating zezima's clan). chilledchaos the one who killed zezima twice now is known by many, as he is the highest ranked player in runescape that's not in zezimas clan and to be zezimas in game worst known enemy, next in line is win all day followed by redhi30. redhi30 knew win all day before he became popular in runescape from dicing and pking in a "private server" where it was said they pked together. all in all redhi30 in growing in popularity and may see the status of well known but for now he's only known by few and mostly liked by all of thoes few people (around 10k that actually recognize him) and 2 million that watched the live stream of the dice match on win all days YouTube channel.

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